What is a Trigger Point?

Dr's Janet Travell and David Simons (1998): "A highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut band of (skeletal) muscle."

A Trigger Point is what most people refer to as a 'knot' in the muscle fibres, Trigger points (TPs) can be anywhere in the body and can cause an amazing amount of pain. Pain caused by trigger points may be the largest cause of pain and muscle dysfunction in the world.

Because these little fibres are contracted so tightly, they've forgotten how to relax therefore cutting off blood and oxygen supplies, causing, pressure on nerves, inflammation, restricted movements and pain, decreasing flexibility, thus affecting endurance and performance while also increasing the risk of injury.

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By Using Treaty Ball

By using Treaty Ball, when you start applying controlled pressure to the trigger points, you get the muscle fibers to relax, allowing the blood and oxygen to circulate freely to that muscle area. As soon as the blood and oxygen can get through, the pain can go away.

Follow this with stretching, only to the point of feeling tension, and NOT into pain. This is to retrain the brain that there is more movement available so it stops inhibiting the muscle.

Listen to your body!

The Treaty Ball

    Made of silicone rubber for unique grip effect with a comfort flat nylon strap.

    The unique texture and density ensures controlled muscle manipulation.

    It is portable and packs lightly and easily into sports bags, travel bags, etc.

    The strap keeps the ball in the desired location so that it does not roll or slip away.

    Easy to clean: Wash the soap and water or an antibacterial gel.

Trigger point therapy works by accomplishing three things:

    It breaks down the chemical and neurological feedback loop that maintains the muscle contraction, relieving pain.

    It Increases circulation that had been restricted by the contracted tissue.

    It directly stretches the trigger points knotted muscle fibers thus increasing flexibility.


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